Photo Booth Checklist

The list below are some questions you should be asking before you book a photo booth for your event. You can download the PDF here

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  1. Do the photos taken in the photo booth print out?

If they do not print for you to take home, this is NOT a photo booth but rather a photo shoot! You could do the same thing with your cell phone…Look for a company that prints the photos and ensure they are quality prints.

  1. How many prints are included?

Many companies have it setup to automatically print only one copy with no option to get additional physical copies. If you want to please your guests, look for those who print more than one copy.

  1. Where can I see examples of your photos?

Make certain there is a website or Facebook page with examples of their work for you to review.  Pay attention to the quality of the photos, lighting and any customization they have on their photo strips. Does what you see meet your standards?

  1. Do you use professional cameras and other equipment?

I cannot stress this enough that, you MUST ask, as some are using iPads to take the photos and an ink jet printer to print them.  This is NOT professional equipment.  DSLR camera and dye-sublimation photo printers are your only answer to excellent quality outputs, both physically and digitally. Professional lighting is also very important. Who wants dark pictures, crazy shadows or blurred photos? These are all a result of improper lighting.

  1. Will someone be on hand if problem arise?

A photo booth attendant on hand is highly recommended.  They will keep your lines flowing and ensure the booth has paper, adjusting the lighting if needed and ensure proper output of your prints. Not to mention curbing the 17 selfies for each child in attendance.

  1. Can I customize the photo strip or even the backdrop color?

Customizing your photo strip and backdrop colors will make the photo booth more unique to you and your event.  Adding your wedding colors to the photo strips and making it something you will be proud of are extra features, but nice to have. Choices of backdrop colors are also extra, but again this customizes the look just for YOU.

  1. Will a book made be made of our photos? Will I need to supply the items to make this book?

One of the most treasured items from the photo booth experience for the Bride and Groom is looking at the photos of their guests.  Displaying them in a photo book is a awesome way for this experience to happen over and over again. The photos on a digital drive may get viewed once or twice, but the photo book will be looked at a dozen or so times. If possible go with the photo book.

  1. Can I see examples of your booth/set up?

To the same effect as photo quality, you are probably making sure your event looks perfect. A clunky, old photo booth or an unorganized set-up can ruin the look you have spent time creating. A booth that is clean, organized and has a modern look adds to the overall look and feel of your event.  Is it large for multiple guests or small for one to two guests? Does it look like something you and your guests will be proud to be in? Are the props cheap and junky looking or of high quality?

  1. What is included in the price?

You want to make sure that you will be receiving everything you need for your guests to receive the full photo booth experience.  There will obviously be some upgrades you can choose from, but having the booth, setup/tear down, props, and backdrop are necessities and they should be included in any basic package.

  1. Where can we see the photos after the event?

Will all the photos be on Facebook or a professional photo site?  Will we be able to get additional copies or enlargements? What if we do not want ALL the photos on Facebook is there an option for this? How long will the photos be on these internet sites? How will guests know about the location of the photos?

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